Radio Broadcast of “Porous Notion” To Happen in Slovenia

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Radius and radioCONA unite to present zimaFM (winterFM), which brings together works that combine the medium of radio with a winter landscape, with a special focus on nighttime. The broadcasts will occur for five consecutive days beginning at nightfall on Sunday February 15 through Thursday February 19, concluding with a night of live performances. In addition to the FM broadcasts, the will be a ‘listening hub’ installed at the concert venue, Pritličje, which will serve as a way for folks to listen to all of the work during non-broadcast hours.

I am very pleased to know my work will exist in this context.

Music about home so very far from home.


Broadcast Schedule PDF:

Facebook Event:

First 3 Extensions

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The following are the first three entries in a series of remixes and versions stemming from the Coppice track, Hoist Spell Extensions off our 2013 CD, Big Wad Excisions.  All tracks are currently being offered as free downloads through the Quakebasket bandcamp page. Check back every week, as new artists’ work will be posted nearly every Monday for the next few months.  These three tracks make a compelling trio to start the series!

Machinefabriek is Rotterdam-based Rutger Zuydervelt. His music combines elements of ambient, modern classical, drone, noise and field recordings, to create ‘films without image’. (qb-25.3)

Michael Pisaro is a guitarist, composer, and member of the Wandelweiser Composers Ensemble. Michael continually creates new ways to perceive the idea of music. This is his first “remix” project. (qb-25.2)

The Paver is a Chicago-based band fluent in aggression and consonance, and the first participants of this series (qb-25.1).


Hoist Spell Extensions is a release partnership between Coppice and Quakebasket Records, exploding the rich content of Hoist Spell, from the Big Wad Excisions CD (qb-25), in a free download series of new remixes, interventions and interpretations. Every week Quakebasket will post a new download by a new featured artist.

COPPICE in St. Louis, MO and Urbana, IL in November

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2013-11-02 • Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center • St. Louis, MO

2013-11-03 • Pizza M • Urbana, IL

Quarry House remix of Ryan Spilken

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My friend and Current Group member Ryan Spilken makes music.  He let me have some.  Flourescent and stumbling.  Please enjoy.

Coppice at Constellation May 12th

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With Katherine Young and Hal Rammel.

This is part of the new Frequency Series at Constellation – the great new space in the building formerly known as The Viaduct Theater.

We will be playing the latest iteration of the new set we have been developing for prepared organ, tape processes, transmitters and microphonic oscillator.  Bill Meyer has written a bit about the show and about Epoxy for the Reader.

Two New Cassette Releases by Coppice

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New Tapes

These releases were completed about a year apart, with Epoxy being the more recent of the two.  Each features a different approach to both composition as well as the organization of material for release.

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Coppice/The Paver/Andy Ortmann @ The Burlington March 14th

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Coppice, The Paver, Andy OrtmannThe BurlingtonMarch 14th, 9pmChicago, IL

The Burlington
March 14th, 9pm
Chicago, IL

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  • Upcoming/Current Exhibitions and performances

    2015 -09-01 • The Hideout • Chicago, IL
    duo with Aaron Zarzutzki

    Also performing: Andy Ortmann, Jason Soliday, Kevin Kalay

    2015-09-05 •
    duo with Jason Soliday for broadcast 2-4pm

    2015-09-09 • The Hideout • Chicago, IL
    Resonance Series

    Also performing: Reid Karris, Danny Van Durem, Ben Lamar, and Brendan McAlden.

    2015-09-12 • The Nightingale • Chicago, IL

    Performing with Mwata Bowden as part of the Kinosonik series, collaboration with the Rebuild Foundation’s Black Cinema House, The Nightingale, and Chicago Film Archives.

  • Recent Exhibitions and Performances

    2015-08-30 • Black Cinema House • Chicago, IL

    Performing with Mwata Bowden as part of the Kinosonik series, collaboration with the Rebuild Foundation’s Black Cinema House, The Nightingale, and Chicago Film Archives.

    2015-08-28 • Elastic • Chicago, IL
    for electronic music ensemble

    with Jim Baker, Todd Carter, Jacob Kart, Brian Labycz, Joseph Clayton Mills, Jason Soliday, Aaron Zarzutzki

    2015-08-17 • Myopic Music Monday • Chicago, IL
    Duo performance with Aaron Zarzutzki

    2015-08-01 • Millennium Park Lurie Garden • Chicago, IL

    Performing in C16 April 1987, Small Chapel for One Person or at Most a Couple (1987), a public project presented by the Art Institute of Chicago for the Millennium Park Lurie Garden.

    2015-07-25 • The Arts Club • Chicago, IL
    In Concert Series

    Performing in Jean-Luc Mylayne’s exhibition Mutual Regard.

    2015-05-21 • Tritriangle • Chicago, IL

    Also performing: Jason Zeh, Instinct Control, Mykel Boyd & Blake Edwards

    2015-04-27 • Emporium • Chicago, IL
    SET: Disgusting Set

    Also performing: Lessons, Personal Injury Lawyer, Meester Magpie & Thee Murder of Crows

    2015-04-26 • Elastic • Chicago, IL
    SET: Disgusting Set

    Also performing: Mykel Boyd, Solt

    2015-04-05 • LODGE • Chicago, IL
    Embedded Frequencies
    SET: Message To Be

    Also performing: Peter Speer

    Issue Project Room • Brooklyn, NY

    WHPK Presents Pictures and Sounds 2014
    Film Studies Center/University of Chicago • Chicago, IL
    Also performing: Olivia Block, Jason Lescalleet, MT Coast + Michael Una

    "Vinculum (Passes)"
    Solo show of sound sculptures by Coppice
    December 2012 and January 2013
    Gallery Uno
    Chicago, IL

    Exhibition of Instruments
    September - November, 2012
    Machinations: Kinetic Sculpture in the Age of Open-source, curated by Mark Porter
    Glass Curtain Gallery, Chicago, IL

    "Porous Notion"
    Installation & broadcast performance
    October, 2012
    Radius 88.9FM in conjunction with "Home: Public or Private?"
    6018NORTH, Chicago, IL

    "Compound Form"
    crow with no mouth concert series, Curated by Jesse Goin
    October, 2012
    Studio Z, St.Paul, MN
    Also Performing: Jeph Jerman

    "Sudden Enough: Every Ancestral Bugle Will Sound"
    Performance with Ginger Krebs
    October, 2012
    Dfbril8r, Chicago, IL

    "Antiviral Exercises"
    Release January, 2012
    Requited Journal's Sound and Language special section, Issue 6 curated by Ryan T. Dunn

    "THE SEA IS REPRESENTED BY AN IRREGULAR SHAPE" an installation by Mark Booth with instrumentals by Coppice
    Dec 11th - January 22, 2012
    devening projects + editions; Chicago, IL

    "Vinculum (Courses)" by Coppice
    October 14, 2011

    The McNeill Street Pumping Station New Music Festival 2011, curated by Robert Greenwood, David Nelson, and Robert Peterson; Shreveport, LA

    May 20 - June 26, 2011

    Audible Gallery, Experimental Sound Studios; Chicago, IL
    as part of a shared show with Kate Levant Curated by Bethany Childs

    "Scour" by Coppice
    January 7-28, 2011

    Slusser Gallery, School of A&D at The University of Michigan; Ann Arbor, MI
    as part of Disruptive Stillness, curated by John Kannenberg and Meghan Reynard


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