Performances and Releases Coming Soon

After several busy months of performing with Coppice, Y~n, Duplicates, the Current Group, Favors, the Chicago Scratch Orchestra Project, and miscellaneous groupings, I have finally reached a lull.  That means it is time to finish up some recordings and get them out into the world.  The details of upcoming releases and performances are coming soon.  But here is a little bit of information for in the meantime:

Coppice is currently preparing several releases to be announced early in the new year.  If that is not soon enough, VINCULUM has become available and can be purchased over at the Coppice web site.  Each order includes a homemade pouch, hand emboidered by Miss V from Favors.  The pouch contains several (3 or 4) single track CDs.  Currently ranging from around 15 seconds in length to 20 minutes, the discs in the VINCULUM project are meant to be played together, or in sequence, on repeat, etc.  The project is ongoing and new sonic artifacts will be cataloged and made available as part of the album in the future.  The album is both ongoing and always complete.



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