Two New Cassette Releases by Coppice

New Tapes

These releases were completed about a year apart, with Epoxy being the more recent of the two.  Each features a different approach to both composition as well as the organization of material for release.

All of the material on Epoxy is transferred directly from the custom double-cassettes used in Coppice’s tape processes.  Side A,  A Deflective Index, is an arrangement of various material from these index transfers.  Side B, A Refracted Index of “Seam” with Girls, is exclusively the performance of the composition, Seam, in trio arrangements with four other artists as captured by the cassettes in performance.

Pied was composed specifically for cassette release with a focus on, among other things, creating a two-side-long composition that utilized time layers, with the most recent moments sounding the most distant due to tape-induced degradation.  For a thorough description of the additional compositional goals and techniques of this piece, please visit the Coppice site, where we have posted a short essay on the development of the work at High Concept Laboratories in Chicago.

Both releases are available from the Coppice online store or from the labels that released them.  Please be sure to check out Pilgrim Talk and Notice Recordings for some excellent contemporary music.


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