First 3 Extensions

The following are the first three entries in a series of remixes and versions stemming from the Coppice track, Hoist Spell Extensions off our 2013 CD, Big Wad Excisions.  All tracks are currently being offered as free downloads through the Quakebasket bandcamp page. Check back every week, as new artists’ work will be posted nearly every Monday for the next few months.  These three tracks make a compelling trio to start the series!

Machinefabriek is Rotterdam-based Rutger Zuydervelt. His music combines elements of ambient, modern classical, drone, noise and field recordings, to create ‘films without image’. (qb-25.3)

Michael Pisaro is a guitarist, composer, and member of the Wandelweiser Composers Ensemble. Michael continually creates new ways to perceive the idea of music. This is his first “remix” project. (qb-25.2)

The Paver is a Chicago-based band fluent in aggression and consonance, and the first participants of this series (qb-25.1).


Hoist Spell Extensions is a release partnership between Coppice and Quakebasket Records, exploding the rich content of Hoist Spell, from the Big Wad Excisions CD (qb-25), in a free download series of new remixes, interventions and interpretations. Every week Quakebasket will post a new download by a new featured artist.


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