Buffer Overrun

Krebs8001.jpgI have contributed to the sound world of Buffer Overrun, a new work by Ginger Krebs. The sound design includes an original multi-channel score that utilizes sophisticated technologies and their meaningful noise. It runs February 4 -7 at the Chicago Cultural Center’s Store Front Theater.


From the DCASE website:

Buffer Overrun, the newest work from Ginger Krebs, addresses information as a liquid and mobile force that tends to erode the importance of place. It explores ways that bodies orient toward multiple, shifting centers, and wonders at the consequences of this contemporary form of vertigo. The choreography and sound incorporate phase shifting, slow motion, structures based on code, and spiral patterns derived from optical illusions. In the midst of acceleration and overwhelm, Buffer Overrun marvels at human adaptability and contemplates patience as something revolutionary. The performance is directed by Krebs with sound design by Joseph Kramer and dance performance by Sabrina Baranda, Elise Cowin, and Joanna Furnans.

Buffer Overrun by Ginger Krebs


Coppice at Constellation May 12th


With Katherine Young and Hal Rammel.

This is part of the new Frequency Series at Constellation – the great new space in the building formerly known as The Viaduct Theater.

We will be playing the latest iteration of the new set we have been developing for prepared organ, tape processes, transmitters and microphonic oscillator.  Bill Meyer has written a bit about the show and about Epoxy for the Reader.

Coppice Presents: Vinculum (Passes)

top_passessound exhibition of sculptural work rendering selections from the Vinculum archive

Exhibitions and events

  • Exhibition on display daily through December 2012 and January 2013 – Gallery Uno, curated by Barbara Goebels-Cattaneo; Chicago, IL
    • December 14, 2012, 5-10 PM – exhibition open hours
    • January 11, 2013, 5-9 PM – exhibition open hours
    • January 27, 2013, 2 PM – artist talk and performance featuring Andrew Furse

    Fine Arts Building, Chicago
    410 S. Michigan Ave., Suite 541

Broadcasting on Radius Throughout October

I will be presenting fragments, edits and interpertations of my private index archive as a series of public broadcasts throughout October.  This work will be performed via low-power FM transmission produced by Radius and presented in conjunction with 6018NORTH as part of the following exhibition:

Home: Public or Private?  An exhibition of installations and performances at 6018NORTH Oct. 6-28

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Coppice Listening Party and Concert

Coppice is sharing an evening with artist Maria Jönsson on Saturday, May 12th.  We each have a special evening planned with Maria showing new work on the first floor, and Coppice hosting a listening party and concert on the second floor.

This will be an excellent opportunity to hearThe Pleasance and The Purchase played in its entirety while enjoying complimentary gin.  Also, Coppice will premiere a new collaborative performance with Holly Murkerson followed by our new repertoire for prepared organ and electronics.  This is the end-of-residency presentation for Coppice and Maria as sponsored artists at High Concept Laboratories in Chicago for the Spring 2012 season.

December 2011 updates

The Following is a quick summary of some of my activities from the past year.  Please enjoy.

1st: Solo

In the Spring I exhibited a multi-channel installation titled “Asterism_001” at Audible Gallery at ESS here in Chicago.  In the fall I went on tour with some of the artists of the close/far family and we helped each other present live material by our projects Coppice, Quarry House, Awn, and NNN Cook at art galleries, hacker spaces and rock bars throughout the Midwest.  I built a new instrument for my sister, vocalist Meg Kramer, which we may be calling “Sister”.  Please check back for more documentation on all of these things soon.

Look out in the new year for the inclusion of some of my work in the online journal, Requited.  There will be included a portion of my ongoing text/sound work “Antiviral Exercises (Incomplete Interventions)”.

Also, for students at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, check out my course – Hacking the Object.  I have been invited to teach the new course offered by the department of Art and Technology in the Spring semester of 2012.  We will be voiding warranties…

2nd: Coppice

I want to, once again, direct anyone reading this over to the Coppice site if you haven’t been there recently.  The beautiful documentation offered by our friends and colleagues as well as the thorough archiving by Noé have developed into a wonderful source of information related to the last two+ years of the Coppice project.  The material there should help anyone coming to the project develop a thorough understanding of what we have done as we prepare for what I expect will be an even busier year for Coppice in 2012.

A few Coppice highlights for the early part of 2012:

  • We will be exhibited in collaboration with Mark Booth as part of his installation, THE SEA IS REPRESENTED BY AN IRREGULAR SHAPE opening Saturday, December 11th 4 – 7pm at devening projects + editions in Chicago.  We will be present for a performance of God is Represented by the Sea on January 14th, 2012 with Mark Booth and guest vocalists.
  • Coppice will be sponsored artist at High Concept Laboratories for their Spring season in Chicago.  We will be developing a new installation to be presented at the end of the Spring
  • Our first 7″, “The Pleaseance & The Purchase” is being released by the wonderful Italian label Senufo Editions.
  • …two full lenght albums are complete…

3rd: Quarry House

Quarry House is the song-based project of myself, Jonathan James and Meg Kramer.  Formerly a studio-only project, Quarry House was able to go on tour in 2011 with other acts from the close/far family.  We released our first EP,  “THOSE”, in October.  The EP is streaming online for free, available for purchase as a digital download, and is also available in physical form as a limited edition handmade artist book.  Watch for future EP releases in 2012.