Two New Cassette Releases by Coppice

New Tapes

These releases were completed about a year apart, with Epoxy being the more recent of the two.  Each features a different approach to both composition as well as the organization of material for release.

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Performed “antiviral exercise #6 (An Awkward Provenance (version))” Saturday

My contribution to the Waveforms concert on Saturday night at Enemy in Chicago consisted of a very short version of a piece called “An Awkward Provenance”.  It is one in a series of text-based works.  An exercise in ritual time.  An alphabetic intervention.  A bit of Pathetic Magic….  Here is an older version of the piece:

(performed and recorded with this boombox)

Sound sample of experiments with bit handling

I recorded the digital pulses of my 8bit Analog to Digital converter last week and just got the chance to start experimenting with the results.  This is the first study. It uses a few of the samples I recorded.  It is mixed and processed at the bit level, eight tracks for eight bits.

My Arduino-based ADC-to-8-5v-pulse-channels being recorded through the 8 inputs of my MOTU 828 into Ableton Live 8