2016-03-04 • Transistor • Chicago, IL

Also performing: April Faith-Slaker

2016.02.05 – 2016.02.07 • Storefront Theater • Chicago, IL
“Buffer Overrun” by Ginger Krebs

2015-09-12 • The Nightingale • Chicago, IL

Performing with Mwata Bowden as part of the Kinosonik series, collaboration with the Rebuild Foundation’s Black Cinema House, The Nightingale, and Chicago Film Archives.

2015-09-09 • The Hideout • Chicago, IL
Resonance Series

Also performing: Reid Karris, Danny Van Durem, Ben Lamar, and Brendan McAlden.

2015-09-05 • numbers.fm
duo with Jason Soliday for live broadcast 2-4pm

2015 -09-01 • The Hideout • Chicago, IL
duo with Aaron Zarzutzki

Also performing: Andy Ortmann, Jason Soliday, Kevin Kalay

2015-08-30 • Black Cinema House • Chicago, IL

Performing with Mwata Bowden as part of the Kinosonik series, collaboration with the Rebuild Foundation’s Black Cinema House, The Nightingale, and Chicago Film Archives.

2015-08-28 • Elastic • Chicago, IL
for electronic music ensemble

with Jim Baker, Todd Carter, Jacob Kart, Brian Labycz, Joseph Clayton Mills, Jason Soliday, Aaron Zarzutzki

2015-08-17 • Myopic Music Monday • Chicago, IL
Duo performance with Aaron Zarzutzki

2015-08-01 • Millennium Park Lurie Garden • Chicago, IL
“Where Are You?” by COPPICE

Performing in C16 April 1987, Small Chapel for One Person or at Most a Couple (1987), a public project presented by the Art Institute of Chicago for the Millennium Park Lurie Garden.

2015-07-25 • The Arts Club • Chicago, IL
In Concert Series

Performing in Jean-Luc Mylayne’s exhibition Mutual Regard.

2015-05-21 • Tritriangle • Chicago, IL

Also performing: Jason Zeh, Instinct Control, Mykel Boyd & Blake Edwards

2015-04-27 • Emporium • Chicago, IL
SET: Disgusting Set

Also performing: Lessons, Personal Injury Lawyer, Meester Magpie & Thee Murder of Crows

2015-04-26 • Elastic • Chicago, IL
“Disgusting Set”, by COPPICE

Also performing: Mykel Boyd, Solt

2015-04-05 • LODGE • Chicago, IL
“Message To Be”, by COPPICE

Embedded Frequencies
Also performing: Peter Speer

03.21.2014 • Issue Project Room • Brooklyn, NY
“Compound Form”, by COPPICE

02.15.2014 • Film Studies Center/University of Chicago • Chicago, IL
“Bypass” and “Circumpass” by COPPICE

WHPK Presents Pictures and Sounds 2014
Also performing: Olivia Block, Jason Lescalleet, MT Coast + Michael Una

2012.12 – 2013.01 • Gallery Uno • Chicago, IL
“Vinculum (Passes)” By COPPICE

Solo show of sound sculptures
December 2012 and January 2013

2012.09 – 2012.11 • Glass Curtain Gallery • Chicago, IL
Exhibition of Instruments

Machinations: Kinetic Sculpture in the Age of Open-source, curated by Mark Porter

2012.10 • 6018NORTH • Chicago, IL
“Porous Notion”

Installation & broadcast performance
October, 2012
Radius 88.9FM in conjunction with “Home: Public or Private?”

2012.10 • Studio Z • St.Paul, MN
“Compound Form” by COPPICE

crow with no mouth concert series, Curated by Jesse Goin
Also Performing: Jeph Jerman

2012.10 • Dfbril8r • Chicago, IL
“Sudden Enough: Every Ancestral Bugle Will Sound”, by Joseph Kramer and Ginger Krebs

2012.01.01 • Publication
“Antiviral Exercises”

Requited Journal’s Sound and Language special section, Issue 6 curated by Ryan T. Dunn

2011.12.11 – 2012.01.22 • devening projects + editions • Chicago, IL
“THE SEA IS REPRESENTED BY AN IRREGULAR SHAPE” an installation by Mark Booth with instrumentals by COPPICE

2011.10.14 • The McNeill Street Pumping Station New Music Festival 2011 • Shreveport, LA
“Vinculum (Courses)” by COPPICE

Curated by Robert Greenwood, David Nelson, and Robert Peterson

2011.05.20 – 2011.06.26 • Audible Gallery, Experimental Sound Studios • Chicago, IL

Shared Exhibition with Kate Levant Curated by Bethany Childs

2011.01.7 – 2001.01.28 • Slusser Gallery, School of A&D at The University of Michigan • Ann Arbor, MI
“Scour” by COPPICE

As part of Disruptive Stillness, curated by John Kannenberg and Meghan Reynard